Customer: Maria

To whom it may concern

I am providing feedback on Julie. A few weeks back, I approached Julie as I was seeking a dress for my daughter’s wedding.

Despite Julie serving several customers at that moment, she was not phased and also took time to make me feel special and to assist me. To say her service was outstanding is an under-statement. Not only did Julie suggest a range of dresses, she also used her initiative and offered to bring in other dresses, once she better understood what I was looking for. The change rooms are quite a distant from the Workshop Location, making it most challenging for Julie to assist me whilst I was trying on the various dresses plus for her to serve other customers, yet she managed to achieve all. I re-visited her Showroom a few times before I selected the one that suited me the most – this also did not phase Julie and she was very attentive each time: it was not about the hard sale but the right sale, which I appreciated.

Her pride in her Business stood out. Her customer service skills were also mature and sophisticated.

I know customers rush to complain about bad experiences but in this instance, I wanted to share one of the most positive retail experiences I have ever had, thanks to Julie.

Yours sincerely


(Maria Purchased Sequin Dress)

Customer: Diane

Dear Julie

I got this gift for you in Hawaii at Anthea's Wedding.

We have called in several times to see you and Thank You for the lovely chats we had on Thursday Evenings.

I can't tell you how many comments I had about my gorgeous outfit and I have enclosed a picture for you.

The Wedding was fabulous and I felt very special in my outfit and hat.  Melanie and one of her friends have also worn the hat to several Spring Racing Events.

Once again Julie, Many Thanks.  Your help and advise was much appreciated.

Best Wishes & Kinds Regards


(Diane Purchased Edge to Edge Jacket & Matching Silk Shift Dress)