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GDPR Privacy Laws

 - We value your Privacy and Information so in keeping with the new European Union Laws (GDPR) we have updated Our Privacy Statement.  

- As of 25 May 2018 we are advising you that your Personal Data i.e. Email Address, Phone Number, and Postal Address may be used by Us if we need to contact you regarding: 'Your Orders, Enquiries, Our Marketing Campaigns, Newsletters and Blogs.' 

- Your 'Virtual Mirror Photo' will not be used in any Marketing Campaign without your permission or forwarded on to a 3rd Party.

- However as our Customer you have the option to 'Opt-Out' of receiving any communication from Julles Haute Couture by simply letting us know your wishes via phone, email or post.  

- Personally Our Company is more interested in selling our Designs rather than your Personal Data however we do use MailChimp a 3rd party Collection Service for all our Data Collections if you which to know more about how they distribute your information then please CLICK HERE