Our Terms and Conditions

Colour Swatches
  • 1) Great care has been taken to portray the correct Colour in Swatches however:
  • 2) Due to different Fabric Dye Batches there may be a slight Colour Variation in the actual Fabric
  • 3) These Colour Swatches have been loaded using an Apple Mac but on some PC's, Colours may appear dull as it depends on your Computer's Colour Resolution.
  • 4) Julles Haute Couture will not be held responsible if you select the wrong Colour or it appears differently than you expected and it will not be grounds for a Refund. 
  • 5) If you are unsure of the Colour Swatch we can email (free):
    • - Fabric Photo or
    • - Fabric Sample Card can be purchased before making your final choice. 
  • 1) Please include a copy of your Invoice when returning goods.
  • 2) There is a 2 day Cooling Off Period 
    • - Beginning the Date of the Transactions whereby you will be entitled to a 100% Credit Card Refund but Conditions Apply especially to Made to Order Goods (see below)
  • 3) Please contact us with 2 days of Delivery (see date printed on Delivery Invoice) if there is a problem with your product or a Change of Mind.
  • 4) You have 30 days from the date printed on the Delivery Invoice to Contact Us regarding Faults or a Change of Mind
    • - After that date NO REFUNDS OR CREDIT NOTES will be issued.
    • - Please Email (see email form below) or Ring Us: +61 412 803 411
    • - You are responsible for the cost of Returning goods to us.
    • - However if you have paid using your PayPal account then PayPal will refund the cost of your Return your postage up to AUD$45.00. Visit www.paypal.com.au/returns
    • - Refunds will be conducted in the same way they were purchased ie either using Credit Cards or Store Credits (see below for more details)
  • 5) In most cases your garments has been especially Manufactured for you, so please choose your Size correctly using the Sizing Chart including the International Sizing Charts provided in the 'Description' section of each Style.
    • - Please allow extra centimetres for 'Ease' in a garment, sometimes it is better to go up a size and alter it to fit, rather than squeezing into a too smaller size.
    • - We will not be held responsible if you have not taken your measurements correctly and chosen the wrong size as provide a video on this Website called:
There are 3 Types of Refunds Available:
 1) Full Credit Card Refund
  • - A 100% Refund or Store Credit Note will only be issued, if the garments are:
    • - NEW 
    • - UNUSED 
    • - UNALTERED 
    • - NOT WORN
      • - This includes garments that have been
        • - Dry Cleaned
        • - Smell of Perfume or Cigarette Odours
        • - Contain Deodorant, Make-up or Food Stains on the Garments  
      • - Note: If we feel the garment has been worn we will definitely NOT issue any Store Credit or Return Money & the goods will be returned to you.
  • - A 100% Refund will not be issued unless
    • - All Swing Tickets, Labels and Returns Tags are attached 
 2) 1/2 Credit Card Refund:
  • - This applies to all Refunds over 30 days old 
  • - This type of Refund also applies to any 'Made to Order' garments that have passed the 2 day Cooling Off Period as Production of your Goods would have begun.
  • - 1/2 Money Back Credit Card Refund means that regardless of cost of a garment you will only received 50% of your money back.  This is because Production on your garment would have already begun and can not be stopped. 
 3) Store Credit Note:
  • - For Goods returned after 30 days 
  • - If Delivery Invoice has been lost.
  • - If Goods get lost during Shipping.
  • - At a Customer's or Mangement's Request. 
  • - Or if we can not repair or replace a Faulty Garment.
  • - It is valid for 3 months
Faulty Goods
  • - Due to our high level of Quality Control we inspect all Goods before it leaves our Showroom so there should be no fault.
  • - It is not our responsibility to fix a garment if you damage it while trying it on.
  • - Goods are classfied as Faulty if they are received Damaged.  
  • - We will email you a Store Credit if they can not be Repaired or Replaced.
  • - You are responsible for the cost of returning the Goods to us.
Return Address
Please send your Refund/ Faulty Goods with a Copy of Your Receipt to Us
via Registered Post with a copy of your Receipt to:
 Julles Haute Couture
103/ 838 Bourke St
Melbourne VIC 3008
GDPR Privacy Laws
  • - We value your privacy and information so in keeping with the new European Union Laws (GDPR) we have updated our Privacy Statement.  
  • - As of 25 May 2018 we are advising you that your Personal Data i.e. Email Address, Phone Number or Postal Address may be used by Us if we need to contact you regarding:  'Your Orders, Enquiries, Our Marketing Campaigns, Newsletters, and Blogs.'  
  • - Your 'Virtual Mirror Photo' will not be used in any Marketing Campaign without your permission or forwarded to a 3rd Party.
  • - However as our Customer you have the option to 'Opt-Out' of receiving any communication from Julles Haute Couture by simply letting us know your wishes via phone, email or post.  
  • - Personally Our Company is more interested in selling our Designs rather than your Personal Data however we do use Mailchimp a 3rd party Collection Service for all our Data Collections if you which to know more about how they distribute your information then please CLICK HERE