Our Company Difference


Our Motto is:

'Clothes that love you just the way you are...!'


Q1) Are you frustrated of seeing the same Merchanise in every Store?

Q2) Looking for Exclusive Individual Style?

Q3) Tired of 'Clone Dressing'?

Q4) Over 35! Struggling to find Classy, High Quality Merchandise that is suitable for your Age Group?

Q5) Can't find anything to flatter your figure?

Q6) Looking for a specific item of Clothing but can't find it in the Stores?

Q7) Dissatisfied of spending good money on Clothes that fall apart after a couple of washes?

Why Are We Different?
1) Speciality

Our Exclusive Designs will always be our strongest Speciality as no one piece mimics another but some designs are strickly Limited which means that there are only 1 - 6 pieces sold World Wide. However we have expanded our Classic or Corporate Range into a Revolutionally Category called:

 'Design Your Own Fashion'  

This exciting Range is totally different from the other Labels featuring 'Classical Designs' for Everyday Wear.  In this Category Customers are the Designers and you are able to choose what: 

 Style, Colour, Fabric and Price

You want to pay for your garment.  Making it easy to find those 'hard to find' items in the Stores.

2) Fit
Our Designer is also a qualified Pattern Maker.  She has spent years making sure that our Clothes are comfortable to wear.  Hence the reason we provide different fittings and lengths to flatter your shape. However before ordering please consult our Sizing Chart provided with each Style to confirm your correct Size and Fit.
3) Manufacture
Our Collection (in most cases) is Made to Order so please allow 1 - 6 weeks for it to be manufactured by experienced Tailors.  Why do your Orders take that long? So that we can provide YOU the best Quality Control & Finish.  However some Garments are available for Immediate Delivery so please consult each Product for the exact time frame.
4) Care
We are very strong believers in Customer Service, and treat our Customers as we would like to be treated ourselves. Every Julles Haute Couture Customer is Unique and Special. So we will endeavour to accommodate your every wish to the best of our ability