Meet Our Designer


photo-3.jpg Julles

European Designer & Founder

 Although she was born in the U.K. Her striking Linear Designs have been influenced not only by her European Heritage but also by the different Cultures she witnessed as a Child while living in numerous Countries around the World including South Africa, New Zealand and finally her Australian home.  

Today many of these Cultural influences can be seen in her work especially in her love of Bold Colour, Plain Fabrics and her passion for Millinery, Crochet, Knitting, Beading, Applique, & Screen Printing. 

In 1995 Julles qualified with Distinction as a Fashion Designer and Pattern Maker with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (R.M.I.T)

However after working for 28 years for various British & Melbourne Fashion Houses she realised that many Customer needs and requirements were not being addressed by other Fashion Companies namely:

- The difficulties and embarrassment Mature Age Women face when Shopping for Clothes 

- Poor Sizing choices available to Curvy, Petite and Tall women

- Poor Quality Fabrics and badly Manufactured Garments

- Limited Suit Styles and Colours for Corporate and Special Occasion Wear

- Poor Fashion Education Classes for Women

So in 2005 Julles decided to solve these dilemmas by establishing her own Label and providing a Fashion Business that offered Consumers A Twist of Difference!  

Today she has achieved this point of difference by providing her Customers with 'Exclusive European Inspired Designs' that are refreshingly different, timeless, and very wearable. 

She has addressed the Sizing Issues many Woman face (especially Mature Age Woman) by providing a vast array of different Sizes, Lengths and Fittings for all body shapes in her DYO Collection. Styles that compliment the figures of Real Women who have hips and bottoms and not stick thin figures. 

Julles has solved limited choice issues of Corporate Suiting and Special Occasion Wear by offering  Customers a vast range Colours, Textures and Fabrics in her DYO Range.

Each of her Garments are 'Made to Order' and not mass produced which helps address the Environment issues of 'Fast Fashion & Wastage' thus making sure that each Design is handcrafted with precision cut and care and constructed from high quality fabrics which have been meticulously manufactured by skilled Australian Tailors. 

 Finally inspired by her newly discovered passion for Teaching and educating Women about Fashion.  Julles has decided to share her Fashion Knowledge through her numerous Group Styling Sessions and Workshops travelling around Australia and perhaps eventually the World...!