Layby Terms & Conditions



 - It's Free - no Lay-by Service Fees!
 - Lay-by's are Valid for 2 Months
 - Lay-by's are only available on:

- Full Price Items over AUD $100

- Made to Measure Garments over AUD $100

- No Sale Items.


 - A Minimum 50% Deposit is required to commence a Lay-by

Starting a Lay-by

 - To initialise a Lay-by, please contact Us directly (as they can not be done Online) 
 - Please state the following:

- Style

- Size

- Colour (if applicable)

- Fabric

- Payment can be split into: 1, 2, 4, or 6 Repayments Schedules

 - We will send you a:

Lay-by Receipt

- A Copy of these Lay-by Terms & Conditions

- A Payment Reminder Email according to your Payment Schedule


 - Your credit card is 100% protected.
 - You will not incur any extra Credit Card Charges by using our Lay-by Service
 - We accept:

- Visa

- Mastercard

- Amex

 - After your initial 50% Deposit you will have a remaining 50% to pay over 2 Months
 - Lay-by Payments can be split into smaller 1, 2, 4 or 6 Payments Schedules to suit your requirements. Please let us know prior to Lay-by commencement what Payment Schedule you would like

 - When a payment is due we will send you a Reminder Email which includes your Outstanding Balance

 - If you have not made a payment within 14 days of the email notice then the Lay-by will be terminated and  you will forfeit the Goods and Cancellation Fees will apply.
 - If you are having trouble making payments & require a Time Extension then please Contact Us as Special arrangements can be made - we like to look after our Customers!


 - The Goods are not available for Collection until the whole Lay-by has been completed.
Partial Lay-by Pickups are not available.
 - After the Final Lay-by Payment we will arrange to have your Goods Delivered 
 - During the course of the Lay-by please let us know if you change your Email or Delivery Address as we will not be held responsible if Your Goods are Delivered to the wrong address

Lay-by Cancellations

 - Made a Mistake? Yes you can Cancel your Lay-by!
 - There is a 2 day 'Cooling Off Period' where you will receive a Full Refund
 - However after 2 days50% Cancellation Fee will apply!
 - Any Payments you have made will be returned to you as:

- A Store Credit & available to spend straight away
- Or as Refund (Subject to Management Approval)
- All Refunds will be returned the same way as it was purchased. 

- Note: This will take approx 2-3 Working Days.

 - If we have not heard from You within 14 Days 

- Your Layby will be cancelled
- Cancellation Fees will apply but we are happy to discuss Store Credits or Extensions of Time.


If You Agree With These Terms

Then Contact Us Below to Start Your Lay-by

GDPR Privacy Laws

 - We value your privacy and information so in keeping with the new European Union Laws (GDPR) we have updated our Privacy Statement.  
 - As of 25 May 2018 we are advising you that your Personal Data i.e. Email Address, Phone Number or Postal Address may be used by Us if we need to contact you regarding:  'Your Orders, Enquiries, Our Marketing Campaigns, Newsletters, and Blogs.'  
 - Your 'Virtual Mirror Photo' will not be used in any Marketing Campaign your permission or forwarded onto a 3rd Party
 - However as our Customer you have the option to 'Opt-Out' of receiving any communication from Julles Haute Couture by simply letting us know your wishes via phone, email or post. Personally Our Company is more interested in selling our Designs rather than your Personal Data however we do use MailChimp a 3rd party Collection Service for all our Data Collections if you which to know more about how they distribute your information then please Click Here