Group Styling Session


 Interested in Learning about Fashion's 

Tricks of the Trade & Styling Secrets 

No Fashion Experience required - just Common Sense & lots of Fun!


 Afternoon Tea Provided

Cost AUD$25.00

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Ideal for Clubs, Associations & Private Functions

 Styling Sessions Content
 1) Mature Age Fashion

 - This Workshop addresses the dilemmas Mature Age Women face when shopping for Fashion in Stores

 - It answers the question of 'Why are the Fashion Industry is only designing Collections for Younger People!'

 - Plus we look at Mature Body Shapes and the reasons why our clothing tastes are forced to change

 2)  Balancing Act

 - We all have different Body Shapes but learning how to overcome these difficulties often requires Professional Fashion Knowledge

 - In this Workshop we break down these issues into easy to understand elements and learn about how to dress correctly for your Body Shape, Height, Colouring, using Pattern Fabrics, and when and how to use accessories

 3) Fit

 - This Workshop is all about understanding Fit of Our Garments and what's wrong with our Garment Sizing today and why so many Companies are getting this issue so wrong in their Collections

 - It also asks important questions like 'why am I a Size 12 in one Shop and a Size 16 in another?' And 'why are Companies are not making Pettit/ Tall Size Clothing anymore?

 4) Weddings

 - After the euphoria of a Son or Daughter telling you they are getting married suddenly the panic seems to set in and you immediately ask yourself this question 'what am I going to wear?'

 - Now you maybe a very confident person and know exactly what to wear but the majority of Women just don't have a clue what to wear for example to a Cocktail, Country Wedding, or even Beach Wedding

- Mothers do not want to embarrass their children by getting it wrong and often have to deal with many emotional and political situations many of my Mothers of the Bride or Groom ask questions like:

Do I have to consult the Bride first before shopping for my Outfit?

What colour or type of Garment can I wear?  

Do I have to consult the Mother of the Bride or Groom first before purchasing my Outfit?

Does my partner and I have to colour co-ordinate?

 - You may even get so court up in the Wedding Planning that you forget all about your self and leave it to the last minute to get your Outfit and end up getting stressed when you can't find something to wear

 - In this Workshop you learn everything you need to know and what you should and shouldn't wear to a Wedding